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BT6 Resourcing provides immersive resourcing solutions. Our consultants are committed to learning about your organisation’s culture and strategic aims, so that they can source and match applicants appropriately.

You need staff who complement your company’s ethos, share its objectives and deliver outstanding performance. Helping you find high-quality team members begins with understanding your business and how each role contributes to it.

With our extensive network and sector-specific databases, we select candidates not only based on their CVs, qualifications and experience but also on the aptitudes, additional talents and personal attributes they can bring to each role.



Every candidate search is executed according to your company’s business-specific criteria. With a proven track record in successfully filling vacancies, we use our extensive industry intelligence to tactically pair compatible applicants for each role.

Searches are tailored to your company and the position you are trying to fill. If you need help preparing bespoke job descriptions, our consultants can help with that.

One of our signature strengths is developing in-depth relationships with our clients. Using this cultural knowledge means we can:
- fast-track candidate searches
- save you significant time and resources
- present the staff most suitable for your organisation.

We don’t just consider an impressive CV. We focus heavily on the human element, to accurately identify a synergy that results in successful appointments and long term placements.



We recruit for generic and highly specific positions across a range of specialist sectors:
- financial services
- insurance
- legal
- media and digital.

Using our proprietary framework and extensive network, we access an enormous platform of high-calibre individuals. Everything we do is underpinned by quality and streamlined processes:
- efficient sifting of applications
- sourcing a qualified shortlist of candidates
- conducting competency assessments and analyses
- stewarding applicants
- onboarding successful hires
- following up placements
- engaging with clients.

The BT6 Approach

Flexible, human-centred

We view our clients’ success as a virtuous circle of continuous improvement: becoming a preferred supplier by helping candidates and companies prosper.

With their in-depth knowledge of the regulated sector, our recruitment consultants are experts at identifying the right candidates. We relish the challenge of finding the perfect fit for even the most niche role.

We have a proven track record of partnering exceptional candidates with reputable companies. Our priority is understanding your business needs, developing an authentic working relationship with your company and helping you find employees who propel your company’s success.

Bespoke and authentic

Working with some of the market-leading organisations in the UK, BT6 Resourcing works as a trusted partner, confidently placing talented individuals in exciting and fulfilling roles.

We are interested in our client as a corporate entity and match individuals with the ideal roles in the right companies. Our ethical approach means always following best practice to ensure that we deliver optimum results for both clients and candidates.

Our consultants specialise in recognising client–candidate compatibility, saving clients’ time and resources. Harnessing industry insights and sector intelligence, we identify suitable candidates using our proprietary network and people-focused approach to fast-track the selection process.

Competency Framework

Aligned to our human-centred and bespoke approach, we have developed a proprietary competency framework over the last five years.
This continually evolving framework – which we believe sets BT6 apart from others – is based on:

- our independent experience and expertise
- publicly available leading best practice frameworks
- input from clients, industry peers, HR and talent experts
- feedback from candidates.

This method augments and complements the human-centred approach: providing additional insight, data points, qualification when matching talent with employers and in decision-making.
Following any competency assessment, we supply full competency assessment and analysis reports to our clients and our candidates.

Our competency framework broadly covers three primary categories:


Skills and


and attitudes


and values

For each category, we implement lower-level competencies, assessments and practices based on:

- the role type, domain and industry
- level of responsibility and importance
- level of complexity
- any mandatory or regulated requirements
- guiding best practice and principles of the given industry or profession (where they exist).

Where clients have developed existing competency frameworks, we can adopt these or create bespoke and hybrid frameworks. For example, our behaviour competencies seek to elicit information about problem-solving, decision-making, customer experience focus, leadership attributes, taking ownership, conduct, interaction with others, relationships, self-awareness, self-management and so forth. Whereas our cultural and values competencies seek to elicit information about practices or beliefs which may guide behaviours such as openness and willingness to develop, empathy, tolerance, creativity, diversity, trust and respect, a desire to help and develop others, collaboration, religious beliefs and so forth.

While these are not exhaustive and are only examples, they indicate our innovative and impactful approach.

Specialists in your sector

The Team

BT6 Resourcing has in-depth knowledge and experience in four primary sectors:
- UK legal sector
- financial services
- insurance
- media and digital.

This market intelligence positions us to authoritatively assess the relevant competencies these industries require when hiring new staff. Our proprietary competency framework means we can sift applications swiftly and efficiently to provide competency analysis reports for each candidate.

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