Over on the BT6 blog today we meet and chat with one of our recruitment consultants, Hannah Martinig, where she discusses her role, her career background, and shares some advice for candidates looking for positions in the regulated sector...

What is your career background, and how long have you been at BT6? 

I have 13 years Sales and Account Management background; starting in telecom sales at BT, moving into H&S and Tech Recruitment at Shirley Parsons & SCom before finally settling at Black Hawk Network (Formerly Grass Roots) as an Account Manager in their Customer Engagement department.  I left there in 2019 to embark on my self-employed journey as a photographer;  I am still doing this now, alongside working with BT6 and specialise in Personal Branding, Commercial and Empowerment photography.

What is your role and what does it involve day-to-day?

I am a Recruitment Consultant which involves finding suitable candidates for the available job roles. I speak to inbound applicants to assess their suitability as well as finding out what they are looking for so we can match them with other potential roles. I also contact people who would be ideal for the role but may not be actively looking for a new job. It's a bit like dating for the professional market; we match candidates to their ideal jobs and build relationships with both candidates and clients to ensure that we all get what we want and need from each other.

Most rewarding part of your role?

Helping people to advance in their careers and finding places for them that they can grow and develop.

Most challenging aspects of your role?

Communication - in the current climate, getting hold of candidates and feedback from clients can be challenging as everyone is just so busy and their time/availability can be limited.

What makes BT6 different from other recruitment agencies?

We genuinely want to get to know our candidates and clients on a more personal level so that we can make sure we are placing people not only in the right roles for them but also the right companies with the right culture for each individual. This goes a long way to ensuring retention, job satisfaction and loyalty. It also means we are trusted by everyone we deal with to be honest and focus on quality not just quantity.

What is the job market like at the moment within the regulated sector?

At the moment, we are finding that although there are plenty of opportunities out there, there is a skills shortage in some areas.  We are also noticing a shift in the office/remote working offering; more companies are wanting to see people back in the office, at least a couple of days a week, to facilitate and increase collaboration, drive productivity and reinforce a sense of community and team spirit. 

Any tips or advice for candidates wanting to advance or change careers within the regulated sector? 

Candidates should look to upskill or be open to entry level roles where they can gain hands-on experience and progress through the company that way.

Thanks, Hannah Martinig! You can read more news and advice, over on our blog.