Over on the BT6 blog today we meet and chat with Nicola Denton, one of our lovely recruitment consultants, where she discusses her role, her career background, and shares some advice for candidates looking for positions in the regulated sector!

What is your career background, and how long have you been at BT6? 

Prior to joining BT6 I worked as a PCA at a Veterinary surgery for 15years. I have been at BT6 just over a year now!

What is your role and what does it involve day-to-day?

At BT6 I work as a recruitment consultant. My day-to-day role includes:

  • Reviewing applications - screen calls- submission to client
  • Building and maintaining relationships with both Clients and candidates
  • Liaising with clients/candidates arranging interviews through to placements
  • CV searches
  • Job posting

Most rewarding part of your role?

When a candidate is successful and is offered a role! It is so rewarding knowing that I helped with the process.

Most challenging aspects of your role?

There has definitely been a decrease in people actively applying for jobs at the moment.

What makes BT6 different from other recruitment agencies?

We like to build relationships with our candidates as they are trusting us with the process of finding them a new job, and if they are not successful with interviewing for a role, a good connection helps us to discuss other opportunities available.

What is the job market like at the moment within the regulated sector?

There are certainly a lot of entry level roles available, but the cost of living is having an impact on lower salary positions.

Any tips or advice for candidates wanting to advance their career within the regulated sector? 

  • Upskilling – gaining new qualifications through courses online or in-person where possible.
  • Ensuring their CV is up to date.
  • Research the sector that you want a career in to gain as much information as possible.
  • Make sure you are fully prepared for interviews, there are some great top tips on Google!

Thanks Nicola! You can read more of our news, blogs and advice, over on the BT6 blog